Sustainable Food Sourcing Solution

We operate our company on a fair trade model and seek to offer opportunities to everyone connected with our supply chain. By engaging directly with farmers cooperatives and their partner manufacturers, we are able to offer efficient distribution and access to the clients, while providing new and rewarding economic opportunities to farmers and indigenous communities. The higher prices they receive for the premium produce, over normal commodity crops, significantly increases the income opportunities for these agricultural communities.

FarmersStep 1
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We work directly with marginal farmers and farmer producer organisations (FPOs) in villages across India to procure the agricultural produce.
Collection CenterStep 2
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The produce is either collected at our collection centers near the farming areas or directly from the farm gates through our integarted network of mobile pickup stations (MPS).
Fulfillement CenterStep 3
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The agricultural produce collected is then transported to the nearest fulfillment centers where the material is graded and packaged as per industry standards.
Distribution CenterStep 4
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We then store the agricultural produce in the distribution centers near our customers spread across India enabling us to fulfill orders Just-In-Time (JIT).
BusinessesStep 5
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We eliminate intermediaries and supply the agricultural produce to businesses across India instead of selling the produce in the open market (or mandi).

Future of Supply Chain Management

We are one of India’s fastest growing Agricultural Produce Supply Chain Company. We are solving one of the most challenging supply chain problems in the world by leveraging innovative technology and our integrated supply chain network.

Supply Chain Technology

Digital and analytics technologies can play a role in optimizing the fiendishly complex agriculture supply chain to achieve a competitive advantage. Using the torrent of data we capture, we are building digital twins of physical supply chains. These virtual replicas enable us to run simulations and optimizations, leading to significant potential savings on the cost of moving crops through the system.

Our company was founded out of our passion to put our money where our mouth is. We are a food sourcing company and are very different than most other food marketing companies that are our competitors. We want to offer more reasonably priced products and the best quality ingredients to our customers in the most transparent way.

We accomplish this goal by investing our financial resources in technology, infrastructure, extensive lab testing, and quality control systems instead of celebrity endorsements, fancy trade show booths, and expensive marketing campaigns. These different priorities allow us to offer uncompromising quality to you for a better value.

What makes us different makes us better.

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